Babies Don't Stink - Hair and Body Wash
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Babies Don't Stink - Hair and Body Wash

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    There’s nothing on this planet that smells as sweet as your baby, after a bath. So, when you experience funky odors emanating from your little bundle of joy, it’s time to reach for our fabulous new Babies Don’t Stink Hair and Body Wash, in a snuggly 100% natural citrus scent.

    It’s specially formulated with carefully selected ingredients that are extremely gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin. Olive leaf extract moisturizes and calms the skin while providing vital antioxidant protection. And it doesn’t stop there - the ginkgo Biloba leaf extract and the white and green tea leaf extracts take the antioxidant power to the next level to fight inflammation and protect your baby’s skin. The presence of pink grapefruit provides a dual benefit: it cuts through oil and dirt and its energizing, uplifting citrus scent eliminates any lingering bad odors, leaving your baby fresh and clean, and ready for cuddling


    Available at our Kannapolis location

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