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Chewable Charm

Pacifier Clip: Macrame - Rust

Pacifier Clip: Macrame - Rust

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Chewable Charm pacifier clips are simple and the perfect accessory. Tie any type of pacifier or teether/ toy through the loop and stop playing the pick up off the floor game every 2 minutes! They are lovely + practical and can double as teethers, but always require adult supervision. 

Make sure to always watch your baby while in use. Dont use while sleeping or unattended in the car seat.

Simply spot clean with soap and water and let it air dry. Do not soak in water. 
Do not submerge in water. 

Macramé Made with 100% organic cotton cord 

Please Read:
*Adult supervision is required at all times. Pacifier Clips are made with secure knots, give your teether a small tug each time before use to ensure it is secure. Adults & ages 4+ may be able to break with force, baby use only. Discontinue use at first signs of wear. Buyer assumes all responsibility.*

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