Herb’s Honey - Quart Glass Jar 3lb
local raw honey

Herb’s Honey - Quart Glass Jar 3lb

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Herb's Honey started beekeeping in 2005, officially. What began as a hobby beekeeper has evolved over time, to now working over 600 individual bee colonies, producing honey in 7 different counties.

The Herbs Honey family colonies produce honey that is 100% natural, straight from private properites' nectar sources (clovers, wildflowers, etc.) that are only here in the Carolinas. 

All of our products are handmade from the hive to the jar.

Varieties include:

Carolina Blonde-  The first honey flow of the year; late February through March. Very mild taste, light color with a bit of cool mint  

Queen City Gold-  A late spring, March through early May with a bit more refined honey flavor, fruity, and slightly sweeter. 

South End- An early summer, May and June, honey with a much darker color and the old fashioned flavor and buttery taste.

Herbs Pride-  this is a July through October, late summer early fall honey. Bronze in color with a fantastic robust honey flavor and taste. 

Mint Hill- From southern piedmont area, this March through October light golden color honey has mild sweetness with a definite mint aroma and taste.

 Blue Ridge Harvest- From the northern mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is a June though October honey encompassing right mountain flora with a light color, strong flavor and aroma. 



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