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little love bugs

Kailee High Top - Black

Kailee High Top - Black

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The perfect children's minimalist high tops were made for the trendiest of little bugs. Your love bug will be on point as they take their first steps in my adorable premium grade leather moccasin high tops.

Weatherproof soft soles for the new walkers and low profile tennis shoe for the bigger kids. Each pair offers soft, non-slip soles.

100% genuine smooth leather. Gender neutral. Comes in a cotton dust bag for storage/present giving.  

Discover why Little Love Bugs are known for being the best shoes for your Little Love Bug, as they are practical shoes for kids, toddlers, babies, and infants for a day of play (Montessori approved - check with your local school).

All of Little Love Bug's children's moccasins come in a dust bag perfect for storing your shoes away as a keepsake or to give as a presentation for a baby shower gift or birthday present.


* Please note that this is the bottom measurement of each shoe. Please use at your own discretion - Little Love Bug Company is not responsible for exchanges or returns in regards to sizing. Make sure to print off on an 8x10" piece of paper.

Measure your little bug’s foot from heel to big toe and take a look at the size chart below.  

* The measurements are precise from heel to toe (bottom of shoe) so add an extra 1/4 inch for normal feet and a 1/2 inch for wide/chubby little feet to get the correct size. 

Love Bugs are worn and look best when fitted close to your baby’s foot to aide in learning to walk.


  • Premium top grain leather for the softest leather on your little's feet. Blisters won't be something they'll be fussing about - ONE less thing you have to worry about.
  • Zero drop
  • Flexible soles
  • Wide toe box - For no squished toes!
  • Inner zipper for easy on and off; No laces to bother with - Only one large elastic lace.
  • Infant weatherproof soft sole moccasin: Super soft, flexible, and lightweight

Leslie's Recommendation for Sizing (how to measure your little's feet):

  1. TRACE BOTH FEET: Have your little bug stand on a blank sheet of paper (you might need a helper to hold your little while you trace).
  2. Using a pen, marker, or pencil (whatever you are most comfortable with) - trace the outline of BOTH feet.
  3. They wiggle and move a lot at this age, so if you need to do it twice to make sure the markings are accurate – do that now!
  4. MEASURE: Use a ruler to measure from the outside of the heel to the tip of the big toe on both feet. Write the number down in inches and label it as length.
  5. CONSULT: Sizing chart below, as it's important to note that "3-6 months" etc. is purely an average of the ages and sizes can actually vary quite a bit based off your little.
  6. REMEMBER – many babies feet are different sizes as they develop. Measure each foot individually to find a size that's sure to fit!
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