Nomad Candle 8 oz - Mahogany Coconut
8 oz.

Nomad Candle 8 oz - Mahogany Coconut

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Nomad Candles are hand poured in glass jars  and are made locally in Charlotte, North Carolina. The scents are phthalate free and are made dye free to maintain a clean burn and an aesthetically pleasing creamy color. The wood wicks add a visual beauty, an extra dimension of scent, and a light crackle sound as it’s burning that is very soothing. 

Baja Cactus: Floral | Cactus | Coconut 
{The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sun-kissed coconut.}

Why soy is best:  Clean burning-no black smoke, toxins, or residue 

Soy is an all natural and hypoallergenic, made from 100% soybeans 

Longer life-your candle will last 40-50 hours. Allow your candle to make a wax a pool to the edge of the jar upon first burn for best results. 


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