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KeaBabies Burp Cloths (Constellation)

KeaBabies Burp Cloths (Constellation)

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Spit ups, puke and drool are part of parenting and you'll soon get used to it. Clearing up the mess takes time and patience. But, with KeaBabies Burp Cloths Set, you'll be able to avoid such mess and make your parenting easier. Our baby burp cloths are made to be ultra soft and absorbent, which makes it your best everyday essential! Made with 100% organic cotton on both sides of the burp cloth, it is safe for your newborn baby's sensitive skin. Perfectly sized for full shoulder coverage, our burp cloths are designed with style and comfort in mind. Our Figure-8 design is made for comfort and perfect weight distribution to prevent the burp cloth from falling off your shoulder while fidgeting with your baby.

* Sized at 21" by 10.5"
* 3-Layers of Absorbency
* Machine washable
* Sold in packs of 5 in kraft gift box

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