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Little love bug

William High Top - Desert Sand

William High Top - Desert Sand

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The William moccasin features a little more dress up action on the coolest of high tops. These were made for the trendiest of little bugs while allowing their feet to build strength for their every day of play or at their fanciest of events.The best part about Little Love BStep up your child's shoe game with Little Love Bug Co.'s barefoot shoes! Our shoes offer a stylish, yet functional option for your little one's developing feet. As Dr. Jane Andersen, a podiatrist at InStride Chapel Hill Foot & Ankle Associates, says "shoes should mimic barefoot walking as much as possible, allowing the foot to bend, flex, and grip the ground." That's exactly what our shoes do - they offer zero drop, wide toe boxes, and flexible soles, giving your child's feet the freedom to move and grow naturally.

Our barefoot shoes are not only great for your child's foot development, but they're also super comfortable and easy for kids to put on and take off. Made with 100% genuine leather, these shoes are flexible, light, and durable, perfect for outdoor play and all-day wear. And with their fashionable design, they'll be your child's new favorite shoes in no time.

Order your Little Love Bug Co. barefoot shoes today and watch your little one's feet develop in a healthy and natural way. And don't forget, each pair comes with a cotton dust bag, perfect for storing or Co. footwear is that each pair of shoes offers zero drop, wide toe boxes, and flexible soles so your little's foot can move and grow the way nature intended; as close to barefoot as possible. Whether you're searching out the perfect shoe for your baby/toddler's first steps or your growing kiddo - Rest assured you're in the right place. 


  • Premium top grain leather for the softest leather on your little's feet. Blisters won't be something they'll be fussing about - ONE less thing you have to worry about.
  • No silly laces to deal with and multiple ways to "fashion"
  • Fashionable, functional shoes made specifically for babies, toddlers, and active growing love bugs perfect for outdoor play while allowing for proper foot development
  • All of my moccs come in a cotton dust bag; perfect for storing your shoes in or to give a great presentation as a gift
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